Northern Ireland A hearty welcome awaits you

Northern Ireland - a place which to many people, conjures up images of warfare and civil unrest. Thirty years of bloodshed has indeed tarnished the image of Northern Ireland throughout the world. The good news is that this beautiful little country is now climbing slowly but surely out of the misery of its bitter past. In place of bombed out buildings, now stand wonderful examples of new architecture in the capital city of Belfast. A whole new skyline has developed over the past 3 or 4 years, turning Belfast into a fine example of a modern city. Exciting new restaurants and bars seem to spring up every month in this new and vibrant city.

Fantastic new venues have been built along the river Lagan in Belfast, such as the Waterfront Hall and the Odyssey Centre - a multifunction entertainment and educational centre which is a landmark for this developing city. To many, a visit to Belfast was a thought which provoked a degree of trepidation and the fear of being hurt in one of the many explosions which rocked this city throughout the 70s, and 80's. Nowadays the only loud bangs are the mechanical diggers and construction machinery being used to transform Belfast into one of the most dynamic cities in the UK. Belfast was always a poor relation to Dublin when it came to nightlife and a place for tourists to visit.

However it is progressively catching up as a location for revellers and people looking for somewhere to spend an active weekend, in the trendy clubs and bars which inhabit the city. Belfast is not alone in seeing its popularity rise - the whole of Northern Ireland is seeing a dramatic increase in visiting tourists from a ll over the world. A drive along the wonderful Antrim coastline, with its marvelous views over the Irish sea, never ceases to impress.

The intriguing and mysterious Giants Causeway is also a must-see if visiting Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is a land of surprisingly few people. There are only approximately 1.5 million people in this small country. Flying into Northern Ireland on a clear day, you can look down on a vast patchwork of green fields - you would be forgiven for thinking that no-one lives here at all. But any visitors can be sure of a friendly welcome.

The hospitality of the Irish and of course the Northern Irish, is legendary. Very few people come away from their first visit to Northern Ireland without being bowled over by just how friendly and helpful the locals are. So make no mistake, if you're looking for a new destination to visit or a fun-filled weekend, then look no further than Northern Ireland, a location which has successfully turned itself around from a place to avoid, to a place which leaves a wonderful lasting impression on its visitors! Why not visit, a local website containing news and interesting articles on Northern Ireland.

This article was written by the webmaster of Everyday Northern Ireland. .

By: Stephen Mcbride

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