Norway in a Nutshell

Hello! Welcome to Norway Crow.A small country on top of Europe. Its a peninsula where 2/3's of the land is surrounded by water.

Norway boarders to Russia,Finland and Sweden. In the south, across the water is Denmark and Germany.Norway is a very long and narrow country with approximately 4.6 million people.

It is basically a mountain chain which goes down into the water so there is very little farmland. Norways main industries are fishing, crude oil, hydro electric and gas.Norway is today ruled by a King and Queen like it has been for centuries. King Harold and Queen Sonja. The heir to the throne is Crown Prince Haakon-Magnus their son.

They also have a daughter Princess Martha Louise.The Country of Norway also has a Prime Minister. The Capitol of Norway is Oslo which has a population of approximately 600,000 people, and is steadily growing, it is a "melting pot" where you can encounter cultures from all over the world.There is something special about spending a warm summer night in downtown Oslo. There are restaurants and entertainment and the main street (Karl Johan) is filled with adults and children alike.

It is such a quaint feeling of sitting in one of the dozens of sidewalk cafes enjoying a nice cup of expresso or an evening drink. While watching musicians from all over the world playing along main street. You can feel the beat of the city.Crime is very low and the police have no need to carry guns.

Even though Oslo is a special place to be Norway is so much more and has a lot of history. In order to experience this one will have to leave the city behind and do some traveling.TRAVELING WITHIN NORWAY.No matter if its across town or across the country, Norway has a great system for getting around. with in the cities you have buses, Trams or subways which will basically take you to "the door of where you want to go". These run frequently and does not cost much money.

For longer trips you have planes and trains which are both reasonable. Also there are ferries and boats if necessary.WHAT WOULD I LIKE TO SEE.

"Norway: the land of the Midnight Sun". a lot of people have heard this saying but they have no Idea of what it means. Well you will find out but first you need to know something that fools a lot of foreigners and tourist that come to Norway to see this. First of all a lot of people who plan their trip to Norway plan it around the capitol (Oslo) in hope they will see the midnight sun. WRONG. There is no midnight sun in the southern part of Norway.

Like said earlier Norway is a very long country and only about 1/3 of the country Stretches above the Arctic Circle. The Midnight Sun can only be observed north of the Arctic Circle. So as you see a lot of people come half way around the world to see the splendor of the Midnight Sun, but the never do because they are in the wrong part of the country. What a disappointment.I assume you got the point! In order to see the Midnight Sun you will have to travel North of the Arctic Circle to the north of Norway.

The Most popular and spectacular destination for tourist is a place called NordKapp. It is the furthest North/west in Europe you can go to experience this.Time to get to the point. What is the Midnight Sun? You can probably imagine from the word what it is but for most people it is unimaginable that the sun can shine all night, but it does.For about 3 months of the summer our globe is at such an angle that in the arctic area the sun never goes down. No, don't get this wrong if it a cloudy or rainy day you will not see the sun but at any other time, 24 hours a day, the sun is shining.

No! it does not get dark but the sun shines different at night. It shines within a wide specter of colors ranging from bright yellow to pink and red.If you are watching the midnight sun by the open water the sun will "hang" just above the horizon and shine on the water. You will see the most brilliant colors as it reflects on the surface of the ocean.

If you should happen to be in the mountains the most beautiful colors of pink and red will cover everything.This is something you would have to see to believe. definitely something to see at least once in a lifetime.Just one more thing before we leave "the land of the midnight sun". Your body may have a hard time figuring out if it is night or day so you might not get a lot of sleep.Also, don't give your kids a hard time about not going to sleep.

It might be late but let them go out and play. Thats what the locals do!.NORWEGIAN FJORDS.What could be more beautiful a serene than a boat trip through the Fjords? More or less untouched by modern civilization the Fjords are visited by thousands of people a year.The whole peninsula of the country of Norway has Fjords. From the very south to the very north, No matter where you are along the coast you should be able to expeiance their beauty.

Some of the Fjords are smal and others are miles long with mountains on each side so tall it will make you dizzy looking up at them.Basically what a Fjord is, is a "waterway" making its way inland with steep mountains on each side. Sometimes you will even see beautiful waterfalls Running down the mountainside.When you come to the end of the fjord or as you travel in them you may often see small little farms or fishing villages. A lot of them are now empty and people have moved, but there are still places where people still live. In these small villages tourists can rent small cabins and stay for a while if they like to.

Normally if you end up staying in these small places you will be able to rent a boat to go out on your own and some places even has horses you can ride and explore on your own.There area lot of different cruises you can take along the Norwegian coast. You can even take a cruise along the whole coast line if you would like to.

From the very south to the very north. On one of these cruises to the fjords the boat stops on one of Norways glaciers and you can go glacier hiking.The opportunities are many if one just take their time and search around for what is out there.If you would like to post and article about Norway or your homeland please go to and www.

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By: David Crowton

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